Monday, 28 October 2013


a dedication to all cerebellar ataxic patients in the world.

Drunken in this sick-head room,
of hopes and wishes and dreams,
I see you right in front of me,
Oh such a beautiful scene.

I stretch my finger to your nose,
Crinkling in melt cute,
I poked your eyes; not supposed,
You yelled and i kept mute.

My heart stabbed, tears rolled down,
You wipe them with a hanky,
What is life without my crown,
The loss, it makes me cranky.

For you it might seem easy,
to pomp a tinge of care,
I fell trapped in this body,
nothing do I dare.

I try so hard, I try, I try,
but only comes despair,
Your body speaks a language,
more foreign in the air.

Maybe I should just imagine.
I closed my eyes in awe.
and all I had to discover, is,
I'd drop flat after all.