Friday, 28 March 2014


Every now and then, we experience loss. Through that every now and then, we then experience pain. Loss and pain walks hand in hand through every beings journey. It is inseparable. How we deal with the pain makes the diversity of our community. How we deal with pain depends perhaps on how big we acknowledge the loss. Confusing, huh? Not really.

Let's make an analogy, a little girl participated a race to win a bag of candies. She won the bag of candies but when she got home, her mother told her that candies are not good for the health of her teeth. Her mother threw away the whole bag of candies. The girl cried and sulked for a week. She didn't speak to her mother for that period of time. To that little girl, the bag of candies meant all her effort. It was what she deserved. So losing the bag of candies meant everything to her. 

In another situation, a grown lady participated the same race, in another year, and she won the race (maybe because the little girl decided not to join the race anymore). She brought back the bag of candies and her mother told her that candies are not good for her health. So her mother threw away the bag of candies. This young lady just laughed it off. Her mother has got a point and she probably does not need the bag of candies so much either.

Both situations are similar. Both situations contain loss. How great the loss meant to each person is what made both situations differ in outcome. Probably the grown lady had the capability of balancing out truth from wrong and to balance out importance in that situation, while, let's just say the little girl lacked those values. Then again, who said all these values come in a package for every human being? Some values have got to be nurtured. Nurturing takes time and experiences. The little girl will pick up chunks of knowledge and experience as she grows and one day she might just look back and say, "Hey! It wasn't that bad after all!". 

Well, this is life. Every now and then we experience loss. Every loss comes with its own sort of pain. Life, however, just has to go on. We have to keep moving forward. The Greater Power created us so. To live for as long as we have, in the best way we can. It is alright to stop every here and there. Just like a visit to a pit stop. We refuel, change worn out wheels and we move on. 

Everyone has got to face their own challenges and losses in life. Every loss may not deserve to be compared to losing a bag of candies, yet, if we look the extra distance and beyond analogies, it is us who define how big a loss may seem. It has all been willed. If only we believe; then maybe things would be a lot easier for us and people around us. At the end of the day, every loss brings with it something to gain. So when facing a loss, just stop to take a deep breath, and then say, "HEY! I WILL BE OKAY! God had created me this way!".

Leaving you something to ponder:
Losing is, again, unique to every individual. What if I told you that dying is a form of gaining rather than losing; to a pious soul? Or what if I told you that living means losing?

Where Are You?

To lay words is easy,
None it is to feeling.
But sayings go crazy,
In such an everlasting.

To offer some pity,
Might just be far from helping,
But in this modern city,
Perhaps it's never ending.

Beware of what we see,
Be careful in kind lending,
Away be from reality,
Might call off what is pending.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Kamu, mereka.

Maafkan aku, 
Kerna aku tak bisa mengungkap kata,
yang setanding dengan gelora jiwa.

Maafkan aku, 
Atas tiadanya daya,
Sehingga kau terbiar entah di mana.

Maafkan aku,
Barangkali ungkapan yang tiada makna,
Tetapi itu sahajalah yang aku ada.

Maafkan aku.

Is it Really Okay?

There is a phenomenon in our society that I believe should be wiped away. This regards the exam results that one obtains. Usually, after the results for some big exam gets released, we will see a phenomenon where people start telling the recent candidates that whatever the results is, it is alright. "It is not so big an exam after all", we might say. I personally believe that this is not the case. It does not matter how we feel about the exam. Whether it was easy for us or whether it was too hard. That is our experience and that is our own right to cherish it however we like. To share these feelings is also totally alright except that it might discourage the younger generations or should we say the generations of that particular exam, to strive harder and achieve better. 

When we talk about results and exams, I think, everyone should be allowed the time and emotions to feel what they should feel. If one scored well then definitely joy is to be deserved. If however, someone scored poorly or fairly made it through, then I believe this person should be given enough time and pressure to regret what mistakes that probably was the cause of such achievement. I personally believe that the right amount of pressure will push someone to achieve better. Consoling a poor achiever will just make that particular person repeat such poor records and is not exactly fair on the excel students as they deserve to have some pride and acknowledgement on every effort that they have poured in to obtain excellent results.

How a person defines excellence or failure may differ and definitely has a wide range. What is important is how we treat each and every achievement as in accordance to these different definitions. Every effort should be appreciated. So to the SPM candidates who achieved what they should, congratulations..!! To those who didn't really achieve what should have been achieved, try harder! It is not okay! So push yourself to be better and as the rule that everything in this world goes by with, time will pass and one day you might figure out yourself whether the exam mattered or not. For the time being, let's just agree that it really matters...or shall we just agree to disagree? >_<

p/s: this post is published with a little delay due to unexpected obstacles.

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Kalaulah aku ni ada mulut sendiri, mesti aku dah menguap je dengan empunya badan ni. Bosan betul terbiar, tak bergerak, statik di atas kerusi. Sang mata dapat tengok 'tv'. Seronoklah dia, sekurang-kurangnya ada aktiviti. Aku ni? Semakin hari semakin tebal selaput-selaput kuning bak bertih jagung membalut diri. Bosan oi! Tuan, dengar tak ni? Pergilah berlari! Kau tak sedar tapi perlahan-lahan aku mereput. Yang kau ingat sedap sang perut. Sedap-sedap pun, dia merungut. Bukan senang nak hadamkan apa yang kau telan setiap saat umpama hidup tiada maut.

Suara Gigi Buruk

Andainya engkau tahu,
Pasti kan kau keliru,
Antara siapakah aku,
i sebalik senyuman madu.

Kerana aku itu,
Semakin membatu,
Di balik detik-detik waktu.

Kembalikanlah aku.
Kembalikan diriku.
Wahai Yang Satu.
Hanya Engkau yang mampu.

Bisikan Melodi Mindaku

Aku khuatir lalai dan leka,
Membuahkan lupa,
Pada suatu janji,
Yang diikat rapi masa.

Dan aku tidak mahu cuai,
Membiarkan aku terbuai-buai,
Di sebalik memori,
Dan juga mimpi.

Aku inginkan waktu,
Dan tiupan bayu,
Untuk membalut kemas,
Tubuhku yang lemas.

Mungkin anugerah itu,
Kan membalas rindu,
Dan dendam kesumat,
milikku; sampailah lumat.

Saturday, 8 March 2014


We eventually reach a fork,
To fly up or move down,
To sail and not dock.
To yet smile than frown.
And we have to choose.

For a loss could turn a cup.
And a win would fade in time.
Now is just an instant,
That quenches by some lime.  

Walk pass such moments,  
As if a carve of future.
Time will be then,
All framed in a picture.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Is this a coincidence?
Or is this just fate?
And you're the omen,
That keeps me awake.

Is it an accident,
On a high speed race?
While bones get broken,
Still my heart pace.

Am I imprisoned?
Yet running a chase?
And you're the season,
That puts me in place.

Saturday, 1 March 2014


Once upon a lullaby,
Racing through wide open sky,
As if one's life shall never die.
A stop for rest was due to bark,
Where colourful flowers did embark.

Once upon that lullaby,
With scattered fragrance none too shy,
I wished a bird could rest and lie,
Breathing breeze enjoying peace,
Till glowing moon was let released.

Once upon this lullaby,
All are none, 
None begun,
Upon the sun, 
I woke and shun.